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Moor Green Out-Patient Brain Injury Service

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Services we provide

Moor Green Out-Patient Brain Injury Service provides rehabilitation on a daily basis to adults with an acquired brain injury (ABI).

Who is the Service for?

Any adult over the age of 16 who has experienced an acquired brain injury such as a traumatic brain injury (resulting from a car accident, fall or assault for example), a stroke or an infection in the brain, and who lives in the West Midlands could attend Moor Green.

The staff team consists of:

    • speech and language therapists
    • physiotherapists
    • occupational therapists
    • clinical psychologists
    • consultants in rehabilitation medicine
    • an adult education tutor
    • administration and secretarial staff

Clients will be offered a place at Moor Green when there is a need for them to be seen by at least two of these professions who will have to work in an integrated manner in order to assist with progress. Clients may be working on managing their behaviour, community integration, independent living skills, vocational exploration or returning to work, though we have a particular emphasis on these latter areas.

Referral Process

Referral to Moor Green comes from three sources only:

Following a referral from any of these services, your name will be added to the Moor Green waiting list and you will be contacted by a member of the team when we are ready to start your programme. This person will usually be known as your key worker, and will have a role in co-ordinating and overseeing your programme at Moor Green.

What will happen at Moor Green?

Initially, you and your family will be invited to attend for an induction which takes place for one morning and one afternoon per week, over three weeks. The aim of this is to introduce you to our service, to help you formulate some long term goals and give you basic information about the brain, how it becomes injured and how to develop strategies to deal with difficulties caused by brain injury. Some extended assessments will also be conducted during this three week period.

Following the induction, your key worker will begin to organise a tailored programme which may include individual sessions and group activities at Moor Green or in the community. In addition, some work may be done with you at home or in your local area. We might also help establish vocational placements and re-introduction to your work place.

People generally stay at Moor Green for about six months, attending two to three days per week. Six weeks after starting your programme, your key worker will organise an initial goal planning meeting (IGP).  This is so that we can set your goals together and decide how best to work on completing them. Your progress towards your goals will be reviewed mid-way through your time at Moor Green, and again when it is time to leave the service.

What we do at an assessment?

During your time at Moor Green you will undergo a number of assessments. All clients will have a cognitive assessment to look at how your memory, speed of thinking, and ability to plan and organise have been affected by your brain injury. All clients will also be seen by an occupational therapist who will do a variety of assessments depending on your goals and stated difficulties. Clients with speech and language difficulties or physical problems will also be seen by the relevant professionals for assessment.

What happens after the assessment?

In the initial goal planning meeting (IGP) the information that is gathered through these assessments will be shared with you and with the rest of the treating team. The assessment results will help us to know what areas we need to work on and help us to plan your individual programme, so that you can work towards achieving your rehabilitation goals.


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Moor Green Out-Patient Brain Injury Service

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To make a brain injury referral to either the Brain Injury Specialist Clinic (BISC) or Moor Green, please this link to download our referral form.

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