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Rapid Response Service

The primary aim of the service is to prevent patients, in their own home and under the care of their GP, from being admitted into hospital if they become unwell and are safe to remain at home. This may include:

       Care and treatment at home instead of a hospital admission.

       A service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for assessment and care provision.

       Timely equipment provision.

       Direct admissions to community and acute hospital beds when needed.

       Screening for suspected Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

       Intravenous Therapy (IV)

       Rapid response provides holistic assessments based on an acute medical health condition which has been referred via a health care professional or self referral.

       Assessments and care for a period of up to seven days to support and prevent hospital admission during an acute health related condition  

The service offers a 7 day service between the hours of 8 am till 10 pm.

Who is it for?

Any adult between the ages of 17 and above can access the service if they are registered with a Birmingham GP.

If you or a family member experience a sudden illness or deterioration of a chronic illness and are stable to remain in your/their own home, then the Rapid Response team will visit you for an assessment to determine what care can be provided throughout your illness.

All care will be provided in the community within your own home, including residential homes.

Rapid Response can provide up to 4 calls per day (sometimes 2 carers if required) and offers a 7 to day 10 service. This will be decided following an assessment by a nurse and/or therapist with regularly reviews to ensure you are improving and to decide, with you and/or your family, if long term care is required. The Rapid Response team will make appropriate referrals to outside agencies such as Birmingham City Council (Social Services) if required.

Who provides it?

The Rapid Response Service is delivered by a range of community based health care professionals

and is made up of junior and senior Rapid Response nurses, mental health nurses, therapists, rehabilitation assistants and there are designated social workers within the teams.

There are 2 team across BCHC based in Erdington and West Heath to ensure response to referrals are timely following initial telephone contact with the individual.

What happens at your appointment?

The Rapid Response nurse/therapist will normally make contact with either you or your family to arrange a time to visit. The nurse/therapist will visit you to assess your medical condition and then discuss what care can be provided to support you at home.

A Care Plan will be documented with the agreed outcome to your care requirements and left in your home for you and other health care providers to review to ensure everyone will know what care you need. When being reviewed by either the nurse/therapist changes will be documented in your care plan.

Rehabilitation assistants will then come to your home to provide the agreed care, such as helping with getting out of bed in the morning and bathing etc.

Unfortunately we cannot give exact times of attendance due to travelling distances and workload but calls can be between;

Morning 8 am till 11 pm

Afternoon 12 noon till 2 pm

Tea Time 4 pm till 6 pm

Evening 6pm till 10 pm.

Information for carers/family members

All referrals go through our Single Point of Access (SPA) and there are designated nurses who will answer all Rapid Response referrals. The number is 0300 555 1919 OPTION2 (24/7 phoneline)

Operating times are 8 am till 10 pm 7 days per week.

There are Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP’s) who are senior nurses who can discuss complex medical needs and decide where best the assessment should take place.

Referrals to all aspects of the rapid response service are now made through the adult community services single point of access:

0300 555 1919 (option 2)

(24/7 phoneline)

The service does offer an out of office service for those who are assessed as requiring intervention during these hours.The Night service is from 10pm till 08.00 am city wide. It comprises of Registered Nurses and Support workers to cover 7 nights. The team receives their referrals via Referral management or direct from the day Rapid Response Team. 

       They provide nurse intervention/ treatment to avoid hospital admission for patients within their own homes and or other community settings.

       Working with members of the Rapid Response and Integrated Multidisciplinary Team’s (IMTs) to provide high quality care to promote health and wellbeing and independence for patients on the team caseload, working closely with other partners/stakeholders including GP’s IMT and Advance nurse practitioners.

       Pain management/ End of Life and palliative care/ Symptom Control/ Catheter care/ All daily living skills  support/ NG and PEG intervention/ Wound care/ medication/ verification of death/ night sits.

       Advice and Information

       Teaching/ Mentoring

Contact Us

Referrals to all aspects of the rapid response service are now made through the adult community services single point of access:

0300 555 1919 (option 2)

(24/7 phoneline)