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Parkinson's Specialist Nursing Service

The Parkinson’s nurses offers support and education for those affected by Parkinson’s disease and Parkinson’s syndromes (MSA and PSP) The nurse liaises with community and hospital services to ensure continuity of care and offer help in aspects of living with Parkinson’s disease and managing the medication involved.

Who is it for?

The specialist nursing service is available to anyone affected by Parkinson’s disease or its syndromes. The service is offered citywide.

People with Parkinson’s disease, their relatives and carers, or any healthcare professionals can refer into the service via telephone, fax, letter, or email (

Who delivers it?

The service is provided by specialist nurses and messages can be left on the answerphone at Moseley Hall on 0121 466 6183 (Harvey Road, Sutton Cottage, Perry Trees) and 0121 466 6194 (Moseley Hall, Soho) and they will be picked up each working day and passed on to the relevant clinicians.

There are four Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists in BCHC. 

Rose Crouch and Sarah Coyle cover the areas that used to be South Birmingham and Heart of Birmingham. Contact details:

Tel: 0121 466 6194

Fax: 0121 466 6171


Maggie Johnson, Debbie Liberato and Rose Crouch cover the area that used to be Birmingham East and North and Solihull. Contact details:

Tel: 0121 466 6183
Fax: 0121 466 6171

Clinic details

Clinics previously at Partners in Heath are now held at Harvey Road Clinic, Harvey Road, Birmingham, B26 1TH 

Tel number for general enquiries and message taking line are 0121 466 6183 

(all other clinics remain the same as list currently on the website) 



GPs and other professionals wishing to refer to the service should download the referral form.

N.B: A diagnosis of Parkinson’s, or Parkinson’s syndrome must have been made by a Specialist

Clinic locations include:

  • Moseley Hall Hospital
  • Sutton Cottage hospital
  • Harvey Road
  • Soho Health Centre
  • Perry Tree Centre
  • Heartlands Hospital